We provide united voice for optical dispensers across Australia.

The Australian Dispensing Opticians Association (ADOA) is comprised of all the optical dispensing bodies in Australia. It operates as a national organisation.

ADOA provides a united voice for optical dispensers/dispensing opticians across Australia. It has already established itself with governments both at the State and Federal level.

Our Mission

Members to hold recognised formal qualifications in optical dispensing.

Members are to ensure all clients receive the utmost visual care.

Members ensure that the instructions on the prescription will be fulfilled and the optical appliance accurately dispensed according to the Australian published standards.

Members ensure that the prescription is returned to the client on request.

Members ensure that the clients records accurately reflect services and goods provided.

Members maintain the standards of work health and safety (WHS).

Members make every effort to be involved with continuing education and advancement in optical dispensing.


Education Program

ADOA has a further education policy that promotes a continuing education program. It accredits various industry sponsored conferences, seminars, and product information nights. ADOA is also responsible for issuing a nationally recognised Practice Management Diploma through this continuing education program. ADOA was formed in Sydney in 1994 to:

Support and Protect

Support and protect the character, status and interest of that section of the optical industry engaged in optical dispensing.

Raise Status and Standing

To raise the status and standing of skill and knowledge of optical dispensers.

Establish Aid

To establish and support or aid in the establishment and support of training institutes.

Diploma & Certification of Qualification

To grant diplomas, testimonials, certificates of qualification to persons demonstrating their ability and fitness to accurately dispense optical prescriptions.

Become a member of ADOA

Protect your professional qualifications, training, and identity. ADOA raises the status and standing of skill and knowledge of Optical Dispensers. ADOA represents its members, has determined a code of high professional conduct and promotes continuing education.